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  • Solanum rantonnetii on tribe

Solanum rantonnetii on tribe

The Solanum belongs to the Solanaceae or 'Nightshade'. (Origin Paraquay). This is family of the potato and tomato. Solanum literally means 'potato' translated into Dutch. Pay attention! This plant is poisonous and therefore inedible.
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Height (incl. pot):
± 75 cm
Pot ⌀:
19 cm


The origin of the Solanum is Paraquay and belongs to the family Solanaceae. The Dutch name is nightshade, including the potato and the tomato. However, the solanum is toxic and not edible.

The richly blooming Solanum Rantonetti with its violet-like flowers with a yellow eye flowers well into the autumn.

The other variant is the solanum jasminoidus. A variant with white flowers that flowers just as richly and long. The flowers smell like jasmine and have typical star-shaped flowers.

Where do you put the Solanum?

The Solanum is a strong container that can withstand our climate. He likes a lot of light and therefore a nice sunny spot on the terrace or balcony.


Water the Solanum regularly. Make sure the soil stays slightly damp. During flowering you water him almost daily.
Give liquid plant food once every 14 days. Do not allow the root ball to dry out. This will cause the plant to lose its flowers. Remove the faded flowers, this is easily done by shaking the plant. To keep the shape of the plant, you can trim it. With good care, the Solanum flowers continuously for a whole summer long!

Florastore bedankt voor de snelle levering van deze twee mooie kuipplanten. De planten zijn uitstekend aangekomen, goed verpakt en al na één dag bezorgt. Ik heb maar een klein terras maar als deze planten op zijn koop ik zeker weer iets anders bij u.

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