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  • Schefflera Compacta XL

Schefflera Compacta XL

Buy once an air purifying Compacta Schefflera. The schefflera is like a bright spot without direct sunlight. The greener the further from the window.
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± 130 cm
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40 cm
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Compacta Schefflera


The Schefflera is native to Australia. It is family Araliaceae.

care Schefflera

The location of the schefflera compacta varies from direct sunlight (max 3 to 4 hours per day) to a bright spot without direct sunlight. In general, the schefflera (and other green plants), the greener the plant farther you can put it away from the window.


Air Purifying: Unlike many other green plants schefflera produce not only oxygen but also purifies the air. This is very important, in particular, and a not to be underestimated effect which ensures that the quality of the air in the increasingly well-insulated houses and offices, strengthens improves.

Research has proven that the air contained within homes or offices harmful substances and complaints can occur in combination with a low humidity. The pollutants created by the building materials such as plastics and electrical equipment.

Plants in your home or office are healthy, because all plants produce oxygen. You can ensure better air quality by adequately ventilated, but also by the use of houseplants. There are plants that are scientifically proven to clean the air. These plants convert CO² into oxygen, remove harmful substances from the air and improve the humidity. Plants that require a lot of water, the humidity can be increased by 15%. They also help cool the space, by shading and water evaporation.

pay attention

If you schefflera compacta in winter buys there is more chance of leaf fall. This is due to a lack of light. It is advisable to place the plants closer to the window. In spring, the schefflera will recover.

Compacta Schefflera healthy and concentration-enhancing environment.

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