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  • Plumeria Lanna 1 thanks
  • Plumeria Lanna 1 thanks

Plumeria Lanna 1 thanks

The Plumeria is there again! This new variant Plumeria Lanna is full and beautifully branched. New side shoots are created and will bloom. Highly recommended!
Article number:
Height (incl. pot):
± 40 cm
Pot ⌀:
13 cm


The Plumeria is a traditionally tropical plant with highly fragrant flowers. The Plumeria is also called Franchipani, which refers to the 16th century franchipani, the Italian inventor of perfume based on the odor of this plant. Since its invention, the fragrance of this plant is still used in the perfume industry. The original Plumeria occurs throughout the world in tropical areas and has different meanings in various countries. For example, in Hawaii, women wear this flower behind their ear, right if they are looking for a man and behind their left ear when they are "occupied".


Light place, preferably direct sunlight.
Little water
Potting soil first to dry before watering again.
In the spring manure contains a lot of nitrogen but then a fertilizer with a higher phosphorus content.
Designed for decoration and not for consumption.

Flowering season:

All year long, apart from a short rest period in which he loses all his magazine.

Overwinter: Keep temperatures above 12 ° and as long as no leaves are not watering, the stems will rot to the ground.

Plumeria is prone to spider.

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