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  • Phlebodium aureum bluestar (Air so Pure)
  • Phlebodium aureum bluestar (Air so Pure)
  • Phlebodium aureum bluestar (Air so Pure)

Phlebodium aureum bluestar (Air so Pure)

This beautiful gray blue coloring "air purifying" Sailing is a real atmosphere in the house. The Latin name is Phlebodium, and is also known as blue zinc boating or sailing.
Article number:
Height (incl. pot):
± 50 cm
Pot ⌀:
17 cm

Phlebodium - Blue Boating

Origin and Care

Phlebodium aureum bluestar

In the wild growing Phlebodium aureum bluestar in tree tops of cloud forests to swamps in Florida. Because these plant itself fits so easily to different climates, it is a plant which is very suitable to be converted in the house.

The Phlebodium aureum bluestar state prefers a light, but can not tolerate full sun.

Once a week watering at the side of the plant. The plant receives a bare heart as the plant gets water in the middle. Also mist occasionally is recommended. Too much and too cold water can cause brown leaves.

It is a strong kind of fern, no leaf fall and retains that unmistakable gray-blue color.

Yes, you see it right! The Phlebodium aureum bluestar falls under the plants that are highly proven air-purifying.

This certificate indicates that the plants meet the Fytagoras standard developed for air-purifying plants.


Air So Pure,

is the name of a group of plants that have a strong air purifying effect. The growers of Air So Pure guarantee the highest quality in these special plants.

Now what exactly keeps the air purifying effect of these plants you'll wonder.

Scientists have demonstrated the following health benefits of these plants:


  • neutralize harmful gases by recording them and break down
  • improve the humidity by their regulatory verdampproces
  • the air healthier by effective CO 2 to convert into oxygen


Did you know ... ... research from NASA, TNO and PPO (Wageningen University) shows that anyone over four hours a day behind a computer works, feel demonstrably more comfortable and more productive thanks to air-purifying plants - such as Air So pure - in the workplace.

Did you know ... ... biogases that are released with human respiration can lead to health problems. Research in a full classroom showed that the concentrations of the four most important biogases (acetone, ethanol, methanol and ethyl acetate) dropped sharply by placing some Air So Pure plants.

Source: Air So Pure®.

This beautiful gray blue coloring "air purifying" Phlebodium Aureum bluestar is a real atmosphere in the house.

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