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  • Bijzondere Orchideeën Cattleya small-flowered 2 branch

Bijzondere Orchideeën Cattleya small-flowered 2 branch

The Cattleya has the most varied appearance of all orchids and is reflected in the spectacular colors. The flowering period is two to three weeks. Including ceramic pot! Available in WHITE, PAARS OR ROSE flowers. Indicate comments!
Bijzondere Orchideeën
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± 30 cm
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16 cm
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The Cattleya originates in Central and South America. The English orchid collector William Cattleya helped the Cattleya to his name. For some South American countries (including Colombia), the Cattleya is the national symbol. They are epiphytes; In nature, they grow on trees.

The Orchid is available all year round by the better florists and garden centers. The peak is in the spring and autumn.

Appearance of the Orchid

The Cattleya has the most varied appearance of all orchids. There are large and small-flowered Cattleyas. The small-flowered species have more flowers per stem than the large-flowered. The Cattleya is reflected in the spectacular colors. The Cattleya is often fragrant, especially when in the daylight.

All Cattleyas have free hard leaves. This indicates that they get pretty much light or sun in their natural surroundings. The Cattleya also needs a lot of light here, but no bright sun. The Cattleya can stand outside in summer, with half light and half shadow. The ideal temperature for the Cattleya is 18 to 22˚C. The flowering period of the Cattleya is two to three weeks.

Care Cattleya Orchid

The Cattleya likes a light place, but do not place it in direct sunlight.

In winter there is enough water once a week. In summer, this may be more frequent depending on the location. Lauw water is best for the Cattleya. Immerse the Cattleya until there are no bubbles left and then let it drain well before returning it.

Feed the Cattleya Orchid once a month. Most of the Cattleya in the winter period a total of two times.

The ideal temperature is between 15 ° C and 25 ° C.

Treat the Cattleya after flowering in the same way as during flowering. When the flower is bleeding, the flower will dry itself and fall off. There is no need to cut the branch.

After the bloom, a new growth nut appears on the bottom of the bleed bulb (mature shoot). From the sheath, at the base of the leaf, a new flower stem develops. The sheath provides protection at the precarious stage. When the young shoot is full grown, it will bloom again. This whole process takes six to nine months.

Put the Cattleya in a larger pot every two years. Use fine bark (Orchid round). It is important to keep the Cattleya growing, because only the new shoots give flowers.

Beware of full sun: These plants may not stand in the full and direct sun because there is a risk of combustion. A light spot where the sun does not instantly inflate is good. A window to the north or a shield of the sun would be fine.

Dip 1x a week: A pot of pot in a bowl of water indicates that this plant likes to be immersed in the water for a short time (10 minutes). After immersion, the water must leak out.

Nutrition 1x per month: This plant has a moderate nutritional need. Giving food once a month with regard to the concentration recommended on the product is sufficient.

Not suitable for consumption: These plants are not suitable for human and animal consumption.
Source: Orchids info

The Cattleya is loved because of its spectacular colors.

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