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  • Musa Tropicana
  • Musa Tropicana

Musa Tropicana

This beautiful Musa also called banana plant or banana tree and deserves a bright spot in your room or office.
Article number:
Height (incl. pot):
± 45 cm
Pot ⌀:
17 cm



The musa Comes originating specifically from Australia and South East Asia and is family Musaceae.
The banana plant is native to the tropics and therefore loves moisture.


Regular spraying the leaves, the bananplant greatly appreciated. Musa wants plenty of water but may not like many other plants stand in the water to the roots. Keep this good eye. Slap blade means too much water.
If possible, the plant also converts even outside in the rain. In this way, dust and pests are easily removed.

The banana tree is like a bright spot. If you can place the bananeplant a few meters from the window promotes the growth of new foliage.

You can safely vepotten banana plant each year. It is a fast grower. The bigger the pot, the better the health and thus the ability to grow.

Musa is growing rapidly and therefore requires quite a lot of food. Use standard houseplant food.

Musa is the living plant of the month of April.

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