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  • Medinilla magnifica with 6 buttons
  • Medinilla magnifica with 6 buttons
  • Medinilla magnifica with 6 buttons
  • Medinilla magnifica with 6 buttons

Medinilla magnifica with 6 buttons

The exclusive Medinilla is an asset to any home. With proper care, you can enjoy up to 3 months of this beautiful plant.
Article number:
Height (incl. pot):
± 55 cm
Pot ⌀:
17 cm


Light needed: plenty of light in the winter sunlight, summers in the sun!

There are about 400 species of Medinilla, of which until recently only magnifica was offered as a houseplant. The family name is Melastomataceae Medinilla. The family comprises approximately 3000 good species in the Neotropics, 240 species in Africa and 230 in Madagascar and about 1,000 in Asia. Medinilla magnifica originates in the Philippines and is an epiphyte: it grows on trees in the mountains of the tropical country, but it does not withdraw its foods like parasites.

The Medinilla's are originally from the tropical regions of the Old World, from Africa through Madagascar and South Asia to the Western islands in the Pacific Ocean. There are 80 species of Medinilla in the Philippines, which are increasingly rare because there remain fewer and fewer forests. The genus Medinilla owes its name to J. de Medinilla, governor of the Mariana Islands in 1820.

Temperature between 17 and 25 degrees in the winter lots of light, preferably direct sunlight in summer but not full sun !, the Medinilla needs little water, it's early enough to give a glass of water the plant when the leaves hang limp slightly . During flowering, give food, the plant is delivered with a voldoede food. After flowering once every two weeks to give feed.

second flowering
After flowering is recommended to remove the old flowers out to speed up the grow. The plant will, which first have been the flowers, to make new leaves. If these are grown, it is important to put the plant cooler (16 or 17 ° C) in order to trigger bud formation in the young leaves. Note that, the plant continues to need light. If the buttons are well visible to return to normal temperature the plant in which the buds continue to develop into another new flowers. Repotting operation can, in principle the whole year, only during the bloom is not advisable because of the vulnerability of the flowers.

Wij hebben twee van deze fantastische medinilla's gekocht. Zeer goed verzorg en snel geleverd. Niet één knop afgebroken terwijl onze bloemist ons had afgeraden om ze op te laten sturen. Wij zijn dus blij dat we dit hebben uitgeprobeerd en het zal de laatste keer niet zijn.
Bedankt Florastore!

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