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  • Medinilla Florinilla bella 5 - 6 flower throats
  • Medinilla Florinilla bella 5 - 6 flower throats

Medinilla Florinilla bella 5 - 6 flower throats

The very exclusive Medinilla without potted flowers but with beautiful big bunch of flowers is an asset for every living room. With proper care you can enjoy this beautiful plant for up to 3 months.
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Height (incl. pot):
± 50 cm
Pot ⌀:
14 cm

Medinilla Florinilla Bella Care

There are about 400 types of Medinillas, of which only the magnifica as a room plant was offered until recently. The family name of the Medinilla is Melastomataceae. The family contains approximately 3000 good species in the Neotropes, 240 species in Africa and 230 in Madagascar and about 1000 in Asia. Medinilla magnifica originates in the Philippines and is an epiphytic: it grows on trees in the tropical landscapes, but does not extract her food like parasites.

The Medinillas originate from the tropical zones of the ancient world, from Africa through Madagascar and South Asia to the western islands in the quiet ocean. There are 80 species of Medinilla in the Philippines, which are becoming less and more because there are fewer forests left. The genus Medinilla has its name due to J. de Medinilla, governor of the Marian Islands in 1820.

Medinilla maintenance plant

To water

The Medinilla Florinilla Bella requires little water, it is early enough to give the plant a glass of water when the leaves hang slightly.


The Medinilla Florinilla Bella finds a sprout of its time, the Medinilla comes from the tropics. A spray gun is not necessary, but it increases the humidity which eventually benefits the plant.


In winter a lot of light, preferably direct sunlight but no full sun in summer. This to prevent burning of the leaves.

Temperature between 17 and 25 °


During flowering, no food is given, the plant is supplied with sufficient food. After the flowering time, feed once every two weeks. Use Pokon's flowering plant nutrition


After flowering, it is advisable to remove the old flowers to speed up the growth. The plant will then make new leaves, where the flowers have first been set. When grown, it is important to make the plant cooler (16 to 17 ° C) to trigger budding in the young leaves. Please note, the plant needs light. If the buds are well visible, the plant can return to normal temperature, allowing the buds to develop further until a new flower power.


Injection can, in principle, all year, only during bloom it is not advisable due to the vulnerability of the flowers.


If the Medinilla Florinilla Bella gets too big and you do not want to overdo it, you can also choose to remove the last shot. Then cut the stem down with a pruning shear or sharp knife.


You can try to propagate a Medinilla Florinilla Bella yourself. You can do this by cutting a young stem at the base. Cut the leaf to approximately 5 cm from the stem. By placing this stem in stinging ground and leaving it at a temperature of 20 to 25 ° 6 to 8 weeks, the plant will be rooted and put into a jar.


The Medinilla is famous for the beautiful and large flower throats. The Medinilla Florinilla bella, on the other hand, has smaller and more transparent flower throats. In good care, they can bloom for 2 to 4 months.


Growth suckers are created during the flowering period. This results in a white rash on the sheet. These growth sugars are not harmful to the plant.

Wolluis sometimes occurs and can be combated by spraying the wool lid with a fairly strong jet of water. Schildluis is best treated with a pesticide. This also applies to wool lice if the water jet has no effect. Multiple treatments are then required.


The Medinilla Florinilla Bella is non-toxic.

Ik had al van die super mooie vanda's besteld en nu weer deze aparte medinilla. Dit soort had ik voorheen nog nergens gezien. Nu besteld bij Florastore en binnen 24 uur geleverd. Er was helaas één knop gebroken, echter er zaten er 7 ipv 6 op dus uiteindelijk wel gekregen wat we gekocht hebben.

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