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  • Kokodama Pilea peperomioides (pancake plant)
  • Kokodama Pilea peperomioides (pancake plant)

Kokodama Pilea peperomioides (pancake plant)

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Height (incl. pot):
± 20 cm
Pot ⌀:
17 cm

Pilea peperomioides (pancake plant)


These Pilea peperomioides originate from China and have the nickname of Chinese Monetary Plant. It is a trendy and very popular plant that is also easy in care.

The Pilea peperomioides also called pancake plant has been returned again. The round shape of the leaf reminds us of small pancakes.


The Pilea peperomioides would like to have a little water. Keep the plant slightly moist but do not allow it to dry. Check this by occasionally stopping a finger in the ground. Rather no wet feet (root rot).


The Pilea peperomioides are happy to be in the light, but only in the summer for too much direct sunlight. The young leaves can then shrink. If the plant is too dark, you will notice this coloring (yellow) of the leaves. It's wise to look for another spot.


To give the plant space to grow, you can tidy it to plant it so that the plant can make new cuttings. You can do this by ordering a larger Kokodama hanger or taking a ceramic pot that is at least 25% bigger.


The plant does not need much nutrition, you can choose to do this, but at least do not give it much.


You will see that the lower leaves will hang down or discolor once. Not bad, just cut off and new leaves will grow again. This way you create a small trunk.


Cutting your pancake plant is a lot of fun and easy. The plant itself grows little children around the mother plant. This one allows you to sit for a while to grow slightly bigger. Then you can carefully remove them and put them in a glass of water. Change the water regularly and you will soon see that the seed of carrots is growing. If the pot has carrots, you can put it in fresh ground. Take care just as described above and voilá: your new pancake plant. By the way, it is also possible to do this by placing a stem with a leaf in the water. This will grow less easily than carrots, but this is also a way to pierce the Pilea

The Pilea peperomioides, better known as the 'pancake plant', 'pancake plant' or 'Chinese monkey plant

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