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  • Kokodama Pilea peperomioides (pancake plant)
  • Kokodama Pilea peperomioides (pancake plant)

Kokodama Pilea peperomioides (pancake plant)

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Height (incl. pot):
± 20 cm
Pot ⌀:
17 cm

Pilea peperomioides (pancake plant)


This Pilea peperomioides originally comes from China and has the nickname of Chinese money plant. It is a trendy and very popular plant that is also easy to care for.

The Pilea peperomioides also called pancake plant is back again. The round shape of the leaf makes us think of small pancakes.


The Pilea peperomioides would like to have a small amount of water. Keep the plant slightly moist but do not let it get too dry. Check this by occasionally stopping a finger in the ground. Preferably no wet feet (root rot).


The Pilea peperomioides likes to stand in the light, but especially in the summer for too much direct sunlight. The young leaves can then shrivel. If the plant is too dark you will see this discoloration (yellow) of the leaves. It is wise to look for another place.


To give the plant room to grow, you can repot it over time so that the plant can make new cuttings. You can do this by ordering a larger Kokodama hanging pot or taking a ceramic pot that is at least 25% larger.


The plant does not need much nutrition, you can choose to do this but at least do not give much.


You will see that the lower leaves will start to hang or discolor once. Not bad, just cut off and new leaves will grow again. In this way you create a small trunk.



The cuttings of your pancake plant is very nice and easy. The plant itself grows small children around the mother plant. It is best to leave this for a while so that they have grown a bit larger. Then you can carefully cut them loose and put them in a glass with water. Change the water regularly and you will soon see that the cutting of carrots is growing. If the cutting has carrots, you can place it in fresh soil. Just treat him as described above and voilá: your new pancake plant. Incidentally, it is also possible to do this by placing a stem with leaf in the water. This will grow roots less easily than a cuttings, but this is also a way to cutt on the Pilea

The Pilea peperomioides, better known as the 'pancake plant', 'pancake plant' or 'Chinese moneyplant'

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