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  • Kokodama Chlorophytum
  • Kokodama Chlorophytum
  • Kokodama Chlorophytum

Kokodama Chlorophytum

This beautiful Challopythum (Chloropythum) of the kokodama series earns a light to half shadow in your room or office. However, avoid direct sunlight.
Article number:
Height (incl. pot):
± 20 cm
Pot ⌀:
15 cm


We are pleased that we can conduct the Kokodama Collection as the first webshop in the Netherlands. Kokodama is hand made from coconut fiber and other natural products. Kokodama is 100% Fair Trade.

Kokodama Collection

Kokodama is 100% Fair Trade. Made in Sri Lanka and part of the profit goes to local projects to give schoolchildren a better future.

Kokodama fits in any environment, both inside and outside. The coconut plants can hang or drop in, home or outside on the terrace. There is already a nice assortment available in all kinds of colors and types.

These nice green plants are ideal for hospitality, businesses and schools, but also for home!

Care Chlorophytum

At Kokodama Chlorophytum (grass lily) one can not do much wrong. She is a very robust tough plant forgiving errors without getting rid of it immediately. So an ideal plant for beginners. One of her major advantages is that she is able to filter harmful substances from the indoor climate.


From sun to shadow, the Kokodama grasslily can basically hang and stand everywhere. It comes well with both warmth and cool temperatures. She also does not mind dry air. Normally, the plant is placed in a somewhat cooler place - but that does not necessarily mean that. Brown dots on the ends of the leaves are a sign of too dry air. In the event of insufficient light, the slight stripes disappear on the leaves or the leaves will fall loose.


Depending on the temperature, the need for water is from normal to higher. The dung does not hold the plant! She forgives if ever forgotten to pour the plant. Fertilizing from spring to autumn once a week with liquid fertilizer for houseplants. If the plant is in a cool place in winter, it does not have to be fertilized during this time, in the other case every 3 weeks.

This fun grasslily is ideal for hospitality, businesses and schools, but also for home!

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