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  • Kokodama Anthurium
  • Kokodama Anthurium
  • Kokodama Anthurium

Kokodama Anthurium

A great addition is this kokodama collection. You can buy these beautiful Kokodama anthurium plants online. Look further at the FloraStore houseplants webshop to the extensive range of kokodama plants.
Article number:
Height (incl. pot):
± 25 cm
Pot ⌀:
15 cm
Incl. tax

Coconut Anthurium

Kokodama is 100% Fair Trade. Made in Sri Lanka and part of the profit goes to local projects to give schoolchildren a better future.

Kokodama fits in any environment, both inside and outside. The coconut plants can hang or drop in, home or outside on the terrace. There is already a nice assortment available in all kinds of colors and types.


The Anthurium is a popular guest and not just at home. The plant is loved by its shining green leaf, its colorful bracts and happy bat. This gives you an instant red, pink, purple, orange, yellow, white or green boost. Do not try to get used to it


The origin of the anthurium is tropical South America and belongs to the Aaronskelk family (Araceae). The anthurium is a tropical plant family of over 600 members, including the famous flamingo plant with its colored flower sheath. Because it's a tropical plant, it's logical that they can thrive indoors.


Anthurium is an easy plant, but it remains a diva among the plants. She will not be ignored. In return for a little attention, Anthurium returns surprisingly much. She flourishes almost all year. So give her the attention she deserves:

  • Give the plant 1 a 2 times a week water
  • At a light spot, the plant enjoys the most
  • The anthurium does not like to be in the sunshine
  • Once in six weeks, administer plant nutrition

With plants, humans are in balance. Nature around you contributes to your well-being. Anthurium is a lush green plant, with an impressive color accent. The Anthurium originates from the jungle. Because the temperature in your house is pleasant, the Anthurium thrives well indoors. Plants are more than beautiful. Plants give oxygen, purify the air and get the stress out of your body. Plants are good for dry air, make your house smooth and your heart happy.

Anthurium boosts your life

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