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  • Kokodama Aloe mixed
  • Kokodama Aloe mixed
  • Kokodama Aloe mixed
  • Kokodama Aloe mixed

Kokodama Aloe mixed

A great asset is this kokodama collection. You can buy these beautiful Kokodama Aloe plants online. Also have a look at the FloraStore indoor plants shop. Price is per piece. Minimum purchase 3 pieces.
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15 cm

Aloe (kokodama)


The genus Aloe that consists of over 300 species belongs to the family of the Asphodelaceae. The books describe this plant as a kind of "wonder plant". It is grown mainly in the Caribbean, Africa and Madagascar. You do not have to travel so far to enjoy this plant because you can buy them from us as a houseplant. The name Aloe is probably from "allal" a Hebrew / Greek word meaning "bitter substance". In South Africa the genus Aloe is called "Aalwijn", which means as much as bitter juice. It is therefore clear that the juice of the Aloes is bitter.

Aloe was already used in ancient times by different peoples.
The Egyptians used the Aloe juice to embalm their mummies.
The medicinal effects have been known for some time, sailors used the Aloe (juice and leaves) as a soothing agent in sunburn. Historical reference works indicate that Aloes were kept as pot plants in ancient Rome. Aloes have been popular in Europe. Images of Aloës can already be found in the famous Moninckx atlases from the 17th century. Today, Aloes are still an essential ingredient in many cosmetic products and laxatives. Aloe vera is the most popular but other species have the same properties.

Nowadays the plants are used as pot plants in the living room because of their tight shapes and colors.


This plant is best placed on the windowsill in a sunny spot, partial shade is not a problem. The plants require a well-drained, sandy soil and not too much water. Aloes can generally tolerate quite a bit of heat, but they do not like cold at all.

Water and Fertilization

1 or 2 times a week a small sip of water.
Aloes can stay in the same potting soil for years, fertilising every month during the summer is sufficient.


The ideal temperature is 18-21 degrees ° C (living room temperature) but 5 degrees higher or lower does not matter.
During the winter the most ideal temperature is between 10 and 15 ° C.


For all Succulents, if you go on holiday for extra water, you can easily water the plants for 2 to 3 weeks without water. In other words, these plants are very user-friendly. In the summer months, the Succulents can easily be outside on the terrace or balcony. They can not tolerate frost and they are not suitable for consumption but only for decoration.

Aloe in a kokodama hanging pot.

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