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  • Kalanchoë Double-flowered
  • Kalanchoë Double-flowered
  • Kalanchoë Double-flowered
  • Kalanchoë Double-flowered

Kalanchoë Double-flowered

You will hold on to this Kalancho! This calanchoe from madagascar loves kitchen and garden table. With its double flowers, it is available in many colors. Caution: A bleeding calanchoe often goes outside for a second life.
Article number:
Height (incl. pot):
± 15 cm
Pot ⌀:
8 cm



The Kalanchoë originates from Madagascar.


The Kalanchoë is one of the best-preserving, flowering pot plants. The plant can be in direct sunlight as well as in a dark place. Outdoors on the terrace or hanging on the pergola, the Kalancho will flourish for a long time.

If the plant is in direct sunlight, the leaves will stain slightly more rudder and the flower color will intensify. If the plant is in a fairly dark place, the flower color will become less intense. A light-filled environment is recommended in the winter period.

The Kalanchoë is easy to take care of. Give the plant little water and allow the pot to dry out slightly between the casting. Plant nutrition is not necessary.
With a damp clot, the Kalanchoë radiator test. Also, the plant is well suited for outdoors, provided there is no night frost.

If the plant is bleeding, you can try to bloom the plant yourself. To do this, remove the bloomed flowers and stalks. Next, the plant requires 4 to 6 weeks minimum 14-hour dark period for the inflorescence. Three weeks later, the plant will bloom again.

Kalanchoe for a wonderful summer feel.

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