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Man plants

The story of Men Plants

Tough, easy-going, must-have for every man cave. Men's plants not only make a men's home more attractive, but also show that the gentleman in question is caring enough to keep something green alive. The selection for this division consists of Codiaeum, Philodendron, Womensong, Schefflera and Scindapsus, all of which are solid personalities that can be used to a shot.


Codiaeum (syn. Croton) is derived from the Greek crown, meaning "tick" and refers to the seeds that resemble these beasts. This eye-catcher grows in Indonesia, but is also found in many other hot holiday countries. Codiaeum is a leafy bush with varied, very colorful leaf that is not comparable to any other plant.

Philodendron grows in the tropical rainforests of South America and occurs like bush, small tree and climbing plants with air roots. The name comes from Greek and means 'tree sniper'. That refers to his preference to grow up against forest rivers.

Women's tongue (Sansevieria) is one of the easiest living plants ever. The plant grows in the dry areas of southern Africa and Asia where he has to survive in hot deserts. This makes women tongue with sturdy rootstocks, from which grow upward sword-shaped leaves with succulent properties.

Schefflera thrives in the deciduous forests of New Zealand, Taiwan and Australia. There the plants can reach 20-30 meters high. It is one of the most air purifying plants and an impressive green appearance with striking leaves that resemble a hand with a few fingers too much.

Scindapsus is a hanging or climbing plant belonging to the family of the arachnids, the Araceae, and is recognizable by the earthed flower / flask with a bark. The living plant is known as a happiness maker. In the tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia and Indonesia, Scindapsus also serves as a rich food source for lizards and other reptiles.

Choice assortment

The range of men's plants is versatile in shapes, sizes and colors. By gender, various varieties and cultivars come from which makes the choice impressive.

Codiaeum also has many cultivars in addition to many appearances from large to small. All of them belong to the type C. variegatum, meaning furry / varied and refers to the beautiful leaf.

Philodendron is both a climbing plant with large or small leaves and a shrub form. The leathery leaves are often green or slightly reddish. Larger climbing plants sometimes have air roots.

Women's tongs are available in many different sizes and shapes, from fan blades and braids to specimens with painted or felted tops. The color of the leaves is green or gray depending on the cultivar.

Schefflera has several appearances that often belong to the species Arboricola, which means tree-like. In nature, Schefflera can therefore grow into a real tree, offering a range of single, unbranched plants in a pot to the inside. All Schefflera can be recognized on the handy leaf.

Scindapsus (official Epipremnum) is known as a climbing and hanging plant with beautiful green and yellow-drawn leaves.

Care tips

  • The brainer the male plant, the lighter the place should be. If the leaf contains more leaf green, it may also be in half shadow.
  • Philodendron, Schefflera and Scindapsus can not stand in direct sunlight. Codiaeum and woman tongue can have full sunshine and may also go outside in the summer months.
  • The bigger and thicker the stem, the easier the plant is in the care. Never let the dirt completely dry out, give water to room temperature and avoid a permanent foot bath. Especially for women's tongue, something is too little than much too much.
  • Any yellow or ugly leaf may be removed.
  • If a male plant becomes too high or is no longer so beautiful, he can be pruned (with the exception of female tongue), preferably in the mild months.
  • Once a month, giving a lot of room feed is enough.

(source: Bloemenbureauholland.nl )

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