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Alocasia Residential plant of the month of September

The story of the Alocasia

Alocasia, also known as elephant ear, has large, beautifully drawn leaves. Despite being a tall boy, the plant looks airy and stylized by the tall, smooth stems that grow out of a knol. Those stems can be plain, but also tier stripes and the blade is as even speaking. The bloom (in the form of a vein) is not very impressive at this living plant, the decorative value is mainly in the beautiful greenery.


Alocasia belongs to the Aronskelk family and grows in the tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia. Especially at Borneo he is a lot and can be four meters high. There are 79 species known. Around the equator, the plant is grown for thousands of years as food. The decorative plants are salted out of the eggervers, which are not edible, but very beautiful. Alocasia conquered the living room in the fifties and has a beautiful vintage vibe.

Choice assortment

Large-leaf species are: A. 'Calidora' which has large green shiny leaves with very thick leaves. A 'Portadora' has large green shiny leaves and striking brownish 'spikes' on the stems. A. Lauterbachiana has elongated wavy leaves whose leaves and the underside of the leaf are red-colored. A. Cucullata has arrow-shaped leaves and a compact green shape and the A. zebrina with arrow-shaped leaves and a particularly striped stem.

Care tips

  • Light place, but not in the full sun to prevent leaf burn.
  • Room temperature of 18-22 ° C is ideal, the plant may not be too cold.
  • Regularly give water to room temperature, do not allow the drip to dry out.
  • Alocasia enjoys the plant spray, a shower, or in a summer mood.
  • Plant nutrition twice a month during the growing season, once a month during the winter rest period.


(source: Bloemenbureauholland.nl )

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