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Dracaena Houseplant of the month December

The story the Dracaena

Dracaena is a tall, full houseplant or tree with one or more strains. From this grow beautiful leaves in green, yellow and gold, sometimes pink or red. There is a choice of many varieties of leaves: small, fine and pointed or large and soft. The choice of strains is also versatile: thick, thin, long, branched and braided. In terms of size, it goes from houseplant to indoor tree, all with a beautiful tropical look. Dracaena is easy to maintain as a statement plant. The plant stores moisture in the stem and can resist it if there is a time to forget to water. In addition, the plant helps to keep the indoor climate clean. According to the NASA Clean Air study, Dracaena is one of the plants that helps improve indoor air quality.


In the wild Dracaena grows mainly in Africa and on nearby islands like Madeira, the Canary Islands and the Cape Verde Islands. There are varieties that look like a tree-with-stem, but also robust shrubs that lend themselves to hedges and secretions in warm countries. They can become very old and some species get a very special form in the wild, which seems to come straight from prehistoric times.

Choice of assortment

Dracaena offers a rich choice in about 80 species and cultivars, in different forms. For example, there are plants with a single stem, head sting, tuft (multiple plants of a species in one pot), Ti plant (plant with two heads), branched or braided stem, plant with sub-planting, stump, et cetera. In addition Dracaena distinguishes itself in leaf forms from narrow to broad and colors from yellow to dark red.

Care tips

  • Dracaena prefers not to have full sun, but it does have a light place to keep the leaf design beautiful.
  • Only give water when the root ball dries, Dracaena can not stand a foot bath.
  • Spraying occasionally keeps the leaves nice and fresh.
  • Give houseplants food in the spring and summer every six weeks, do not feed in autumn and winter.
  • Dracaena can not withstand cold, do not let the temperature drop below 10-13 ° C.

(source: Bloemenbureauholland.nl )

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