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  • Heliotropum on Stam

Heliotropum on Stam

The Heliotrope or Vanilla flower belongs to the Boraginaceae (origin Peru). Ancient Greek 'helios' means sun and 'tropein' means turning. This name refers to the habit of always turning their leaves in the direction of the sun.
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Height (incl. pot):
± 75 cm
Pot ⌀:
19 cm



The Heliotropium belongs to the Boraginaceae. This is the family of the Rough-leaved. He is thus honoring his family. The leaf is wrinkled and feels rough. The Heliotropium is originally from the Andes in Peru. The Dutch name for the Heliotropium is Vanilla Flower. Not so strange when you know that this plant welcomes you with a sweet, vanilla-like scent. This vanilla-like fragrance spreads the large blue flowers. Especially at sunrise and sunset. Because of its fragrant flowers, this plant attracts butterflies all summer. The flowers are purple, lavender-like in color. The name Heliotropium consists of two parts. Ancient Greek 'helios' means sun and 'tropein' means turning. This name refers to the habit of the plant to always turn its leaf in the direction of the sun. In the past, this plant was often used as a bedding plant for castles and country houses.


The heliotropum does not like the bright sun but likes to be in a sunny spot on the balcony, in the conservatory or on the terrace.
Feed once every 14 days and water every summer!
Note that the excess water can run away.


Remove old flowers with scissors. You can also shorten the branches that are too long. This way you give other flowers room to grow.

With good care, the heliotropum is a feast for the eyes throughout the summer.

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