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  • Gardenia in pot
  • Gardenia in pot
  • Gardenia in pot
  • Gardenia in pot

Gardenia in pot

Gardenia has bright glossy leaves and beautiful white rose-like flowers that smells delicious. If you properly observe the care tips you much pleasure from this plant, Supplied with flower and button. Choice of 3 pots.
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Height (incl. pot):
± 25 cm
Pot ⌀:
13 cm
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Gard enia

Origin Gardenia jasminoides

Did you know that the Gardenia jasminoides, also known as the Cape Jasmine, actually comes from south Asia? This plant was originally most common in Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Japan and India. The Gardenia is named after the American physicist Dr. Alexander Garden was born in Scotland (1730-1791)

Gardenia belongs to the Rubiaceae family (Rubiaceae).


The ideal temperature for this plant is ± 18 degrees Celsius. Gardenia grows best at a light spot. Direct sun, do not hold the gardenias! In dehydration leaves the plant drop its buds. The plant regularly (every two days) of water. You can regularly spray the leaves of the plant. Note that you do not spray the flowers difficult but better for the flowers of gardenias.

In the formation of its buttons, the plant can use a little additional water. Use only rainwater or soft water at room temperature. Gardenia is allergic to lime. Use when repotting an acidic, humus-rich soil (heathland). To repot every 3-4 years. If the soil contains too much calcium can yellowing leaves.


If the plant is too large, you can prune them back, the best time for this is in March.

Winter period

Gardenia is not hardy. Put the plant in a bright cool place, fertilize in the winter does not give necessary and once every 14 days is sufficient water.


Beware of temperature changes, gardenia here is sensitive and can lose its buttons.

Flora Store delivers only plants with enough buttons that are greater than 2.5 cm to improve flowering among consumers.

Gardenia has fragrant flowers.


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