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  • fuchsia stem in pot 19 cm
  • fuchsia stem in pot 19 cm
  • fuchsia stem in pot 19 cm

fuchsia stem in pot 19 cm

The Fuchsia is back again completely and now takes a prominent place on the terrace and balcony. There are many variations, hangers, climbers, bushes and trunks. The fuchsia is a bright cheerful tub plant.
Article number:
Height (incl. pot):
± 70 cm
Pot ⌀:
65 cm



The Fuchsia (Bellenplant) prefers a warm sunny to half sunny place with little wind. In addition, the fuchsia keeps a fairly acidic but nutritious soil. Plastic pots are preferred because the chance of dehydration is then the least.

This fuchsia loves water, make sure the potting soil does not dry out. Remove the faded flowers so that the plant can make new ones.
Planting regularly makes the fuchsia happy!
Always remove the old flowers. In this way, he always makes new flowers.


For a good flowering it is advisable to feed the fuchsia weekly.


The fuchsia feels comfortable in a shady spot and preferably out of the wind. If you put the tub plant in the wrong place, this can lead to a nuisance of animals such as lice, spider mites and whitefly. Of course you can buy resources here, but that is no better for the environment. It is therefore advisable to place the plant in a good location.


To allow the fuchsia to bloom again, it is necessary to cut out the flowers that have faded. Do this including the bean. The plant will then bloom again up to 3 times in the season.

In order to let the plant thaw out in the spring, it is necessary to cut the growing tips of the jionge plants. Where the tops are cut, new side shoots will form. Do this several times in the season and you will see that you get a beautifully shaped fuchsia.


A fuchsia is an indispensable tub plant on the terrace or balcony because of its rich flowering.


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