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  • Ficus Nitida, a beautiful plant with a spiral tribe.
  • Ficus Nitida, a beautiful plant with a spiral tribe.

Ficus Nitida, a beautiful plant with a spiral tribe.

A very decorative ficus with a beautiful spiral stem. plant height 130 cm
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± 120 cm
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30 cm
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Ficus nitida

The origin of the Ficus is from South East Asia, you'll find this plant especially in Indonesia. He belongs to the family Moraceae (Moerbeiachtigen).

Give the Ficus year-uniform ambient light, but avoid direct sunlight.

By sudden temperature changes may occur yellowing and defoliation. Preferably put in a place with a relatively high humidity. Give the plant water generously, but avoid too wet or too dry root ball, this also causes leaf loss. Regularly spray the plant or wipe with damp. Every year promotes new potting soil and extend the life of the plant. Optionally, once every 2 to 3 years repotting.

If the Chancellor is too big you can put the plant "the best in the spring or summer," pruning with secateurs, only to stop the bleeding, you can use the best wood ashes.


Lots of light, not in direct sunlight.
Ideal temperature 18 - 20º C.
Keep damp, compost must not dry out.
No excess water in the pot / dish.
2x fertilize monthly.
Annually on pots in larger pot.
The Ficus is air-purifying!
Do not like drafts.

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