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  • Dracaena Riki
  • Dracaena Riki

Dracaena Riki

This Dracaena Riki is nicely branched and is fantastic in your home or office. The Dracaena is ideal for a shade in the room or office.
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Height (incl. pot):
± 120 cm
Pot ⌀:
27 cm
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Dracaena Riki

Origin and care

The Dracaena is originally from the tropics of Asia and Africa. This plant also called Dragon Blood Tree, is easy to maintain and therefore very suitable as a room and / or office plant. The ideal temperature is + - 20 degrees. Provide reasonable water during the summer, make sure that the pot tip is not too wet, "between the watering by letting the light dry" otherwise there will be leaf loss.


Dracaena spraying is not necessary, but it does promote health. It works preventively against pests and helps to remove dust.


Dracaenas do not need a lot of light, 3 hours a day is enough. Only the brighter specimens may be slightly lighter than their dark-leaf peers.


Green plants generally require less nutrition than flowering plants. Do not administer food in the winter. Do not start with this until spring. Once every two months is sufficient. Look for the correct dosage on the package but give less than more!

The Dracaena Riki is known as one of the most air-purifying plants and you often see it in offices or public business premises.

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