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  • Dendrobium Nobilé special boomerang stone pot

Dendrobium Nobilé special boomerang stone pot

This Dendrobium Nobilé in the shape of a half bow makes a bow to you. This orchid has a high ornamental value. You will have a lot of fun with this rich-flowing orchid.
Article number:
Height (incl. pot):
± 50 cm
Pot ⌀:
12 cm

Dendrobium Nobilé


The orchid family is one of the largest plant families. It is estimated that there are 20,000 species. The Dendrobium nobilé is an epiphytic orchid. That is, he grows in wildlife on other plants or trees without sacrificing food. He originally comes from the mountain regions of Southeast Asia. On the market, the Dendrobium nobilé is one of the rare orchids and our supplier "Bos Orchids, our regular supplier" is one of the three breeders in the Netherlands of this promising plant.

With a little bit of care, the consumer has so much more fun with his Dendrobium nobilé. The symbols on the back of the stitch label give the correct information. Here the explanation of the symbols:


Not in the full sun;
Placement in the shadow with occasional sunshine;
Remove bloomed flowers;
Not intended for consumption;
Flowering period 2 to 3 months;
Plant nutrition 1 x per 3 months;
Water 2 x per week;
Place in a room with a temperature between 15 ° C and 22 ° C.

Additional information

The dendrobium nobilé, like all other plants, does not take the tour. After flowering, less water and no plant nutrition.

During the rest period, Dendrobium Nobilé should be disposed of in a light place at a temperature of 5 ° C to 10 ° C.

If you give away a Dendrobium nobile as a gift, you can no longer share your family or friends.

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