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  • Crossandra fortune
  • Crossandra fortune
  • Crossandra fortune

Crossandra fortune

The Crossandra Fortuna has a beautiful intense color and glossy leaves that will do well in your home.
Article number:
Height (incl. pot):
± 20 cm
Pot ⌀:
13 cm


Crossandra Fortuna

The Crossandra its origins in India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Madagascar. The plant is mainly used in India when performing different traditions. The flowers are used for hair decoration. The strong, not fragrant flowers are very popular because of their bright color and good shelf life.

Our selection grower has developed its own kind Crossandra stronger than the existing species. In addition, the flowers are intensely colored and leaves more shine. This species we mentioned Crossandra Fortuna.


Crossandra belongs to the Acanthaceae family. The flowering period of the plant begins in spring and ends in the fall. To the plant keeps its nice to show off, it is recommended to regularly remove dead flowers. The plant likes sun but try to avoid coming to assist the plant in full sunlight. The plant requires a regular wetting. In winter the plants need less water.

It is recommended to fertilize the Crossandra a few times a year.

Ik heb deze plant nu 1 dag staan en hoop dat hij net zo mooi blijft als bij aflevering. Hij werd geleverd met 1 bloem en 2 knoppen. Fijn dat ik 'm al zo snel in huis had.

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