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  • Clerodendrum Prospero home pot
  • Clerodendrum Prospero home pot
  • Clerodendrum Prospero home pot

Clerodendrum Prospero home pot

The Clerodendrum Prospero or the Chance Tree is an exuberant flowering plant with gracefully hanging white blooms and shiny, mysterious green leaves.
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Height (incl. pot):
± 30 cm
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13 cm
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Clerodendrum Prospero

The Clerodendrum Prospero (Dutch name: Kansenboom) was discovered in India by the Danish botanist Nathaniel Wallich. During his stay there, around 1800, he has classified many plants, named after him and various plant books. He was known for his innovative way of transporting seeds and plants from India and the surrounding area to England.

Nathaniel Wallich had an eye for exotic beauty; Just look at the Prospero Clerodendrum. An exuberant flowering plant with gracefully hanging white blooms. The flower motifs on the walls of the Taj Mahal are nothing to do with it.

The enchanting atmosphere of India makes the Clerodendrum Prospero an attractive living room plant. On the shining, mysterious-green leaves, the bright white flowers are even better.

1. A bright sunny place:

The Clerodendrum has a light place, but try to avoid planting in full sunlight.

Ideal temperature 18-22 ° C, minimum 15 ° C

Tip: The plant is sensitive to ethylene: Do not place the plant near ripening fruit, cigarette smoke or exhaust gases.

2. Keep wet, the pot soil must not dry out:

It is important to give the plant sufficient water to enjoy this enchanting plant as long as possible. Do not allow the pot lid to dry out; 2 times a week the plant may be in a layer of water. Give some nutrition a month a month.

3. bleeding out?

If the plant has flowed after its rich bloom, berries can come to the flower branches. This happens only when the flowers are pollinated during flowering.
If the decorative value of the flowers / berries is not beautiful, you can cut the flowers. If the plant then gets rested, he can bloom again.

Clerodendrum Prospero for very long bloom pleasure.

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