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  • Citrus Lemon on rack

Citrus Lemon on rack

Make your terrace a Mediterranean place with citrus trees. These southern beauties you have years of enjoyment. And in the winter-they just take it inside! Cool, light and overwinter frost on the window of a cool bedro ...
Article number:
Height (incl. pot):
± 30 cm
Pot ⌀:
12 cm

Citrus Plant Lemon


Full sun, lots of light.

Fill a large pot with calcareous, humus-rich soil that is well permeable. The Citrus Plant loves water, but can not stand a foot.
Yellowing leaves is a sign that is too wet the plant.
Each month fertilizer from late February to late August.
Cool, light and frost overwinter in a greenhouse or in the window of a cool bedroom.

citrus Plant

Erratic branches, beautiful green leaves, sometimes with the first fruits it, how blessed 'Sorrento' do you want it? Citrus Boompjes promise to be the main terrace trend of 2016. They do not take much space, yet offer much experience. In addition, they are low-maintenance, beautiful to look at and you can reap the fruits and food. Just the feeling of long lazy summer evenings overlooking something also thrives in Tuscany - before you know it, there may one from the store home. But what's it gonna be?

Rather a tree than a tree

All citrus trees look a bit alike. They are slender, densely branched trees with a little tousled crown. The choice is greatest in lemon and orange trees, these are also the most decoratiefst and cultured on endurance. There are also grapefruit, and tangerine trees kumquat- but as 'entry citrus' lemon or orange is an excellent choice. It's worth investing in a somewhat larger one. Not only has the greater impact on your terrace, the slightly larger trees are also stronger, more developed and more keepers than ukkies. The leaves should be green and beautiful already see a few small fruit is also a good sign.

Mobile citrus, always handy

Have you come home together, it is important to find a good spot. Citrus Boompjes are happy in a large, heavy pot not omligt immediately when a summer storm. For it can easily make you put on a platform with wheels. So you can easily move the tree in the summer months to the places where the most sun. Moreover, it is an easy way to move the tree into the greenhouse, shed or living room as the nights get colder.

The Citrus Plant is not suitable for consumption.

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