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  • Chrysanthemum skyfall 'Tricolour
  • Chrysanthemum skyfall 'Tricolour
  • Chrysanthemum skyfall 'Tricolour

Chrysanthemum skyfall 'Tricolour

These three-color chrysanthemums are in a hanging pot. With these chrysanthemums, you can even set the winter out. Due to the exuberant bloom of the chrysanthemum and with a minimum of care, you have a lot of fun in the house or on the terrace.
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Height (incl. pot):
± 35 cm
Pot ⌀:
23 cm
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There are infinitely many beautiful balcony- garden and terrace plants. Stick to the 'Golden Rules' for the care of your cultivar, so you can enjoy it for a long time!

- Observe the care tips on the label provided by the plant. +
- Use well-permeable potting soil and provide regular water. On warm days this can be reassured 2x a day.
- Watch out for night frost!
- Avoid excessive sun, drought, water in the pot.
- Remove flattened flowers and trim the plant regularly to maintain optimal plant shape and flowering.
- Regularly feed plant nutrition for a beautiful long-term flowering plant.

Kuipplanten require intensive care. In the fall before the night frost begins, the plants can enter. In spring, early May, the plants can go outside again. More information about wintering can be found under the heading "overwinter" on this site. You can do the best by the end of April, add some clay so that more moisture is retained.

Three color chrysanthemums in one hanging pot!

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