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  • Calathea Warcewiczii P 21
  • Calathea Warcewiczii P 21

Calathea Warcewiczii P 21

Calathea Warcewiczii is a very decorative plant and has a wide variety of different colors and shapes of the blade. Besides of course the living room, he fits perfectly into dark home locations, such as in the hall.
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Height (incl. pot):
± 100 cm
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21 cm
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Calathea Warcewiczii

The living plant,

As mentioned, the Calathea Warcewiczii to be kept at home. This plant will provide the home of color in places where other plants do not like to linger.
Besides of course the living room, he fits perfectly into dark home locations, such as in the hall.

But what about the bathroom? In this damp little light environment comprising the Calathea feels at home. And the bedroom? Precisely here is especially good to see that the leaves at closing evening.

In the morning when the first light coming through the windows extends the plant's leaves and unfolds weer.Kortom, a plant that makes at home for rhythm in many places.

Calathea Warcewiczii is best served at temperatures between 15 and 23 degrees.

Calathea Warcewiczii is a shade-loving plant and does not like sunlight.

Enter the Calathea Warcewiczii 2 times a week a little water.

The Calathea Warcewiczii leaves are inedible.

The Marantaceae is a plant family that occurs in the subtropics, especially the jungles of Brazil. The plants grow in the wild bushes, which can easily reach a height of several meters. It is related to the banana plant. When the native population is the Marantaceae family is also known for its nutritional value: the roots are edible. The large leaves of the plants are suitable again for roofing huts. It is obvious that the Marantaceae also has a medical significance. The plant family owes its name to an Italian doctor, Maranti, already in the sixteenth century, wrote a standard work on the medicinal properties of plants and flowers.

Characteristic for the Marantaceae is the decorative sheet. It is especially the leaves that determine the type value of the plant. The cultivars have very different leaf colors and nerftekeningen. The colors range from silver, white-pink to various shades of green.
The main line of the Marantaceae family is the Calathea. There must be dozens of varieties, but many species have not yet been discovered in the often impenetrable jungle. average fifteen varieties are cultivated by our supplier. The assortment moreover changes regularly.

The living plant

Calathea Warcewiczii has a special feature: the leaves join the amount of light decreases. The plant thus has a circadian rhythm, which is the nickname of 'living plant' returned. The closing of the leaves is also audible to a rustling sound.

Calathea Warcewiczii is a very decorative and air purifying plant.

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