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  • Calathea Mixed in pot 12 cm

Calathea Mixed in pot 12 cm

Decorative and very air purifying that is the calathea. The Calathea is a very decorative plant and has a wide variety of different colors and shapes of the leaf. Minimum decrease 3 pieces. Price is per piece !!
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Height (incl. pot):
± 40 cm
Pot ⌀:
12 cm

Calathea (The livingplant)

As mentioned, the Calathea can be kept well. This plant will provide the house with color in places where other plants do not like to live.
Besides, of course, the living room fits perfectly in dark places in the home, like in the hall.

But what about the bathroom? In this moist, but light-lit environment, the Calathea feels completely at home. And the bedroom? Right here it is extra good to see the leaves close in the evening.

In the morning when the first light comes through the windows, the plant extends its leaves and unfolds. Shortly, a plant that rhythms in many places at home.

The Calathea is best served at temperatures between 15 and 23 degrees.

The Calathea is a shade-loving plant and does not like sunlight.

Give the Calathea a bite of water twice a week.

The leaves of the Calathea are not edible.

The Marantaceae is a plant family that occurs in the subtropes, especially the jungle of Brazil. The plants grow wild as bushes, which can easily reach a height of a few meters. It is a family of banana plants. In the native population, the Marantaceae family is also known for its nutritional value: the roots are edible. The large leaves of the plants lend themselves back to the roofing of huts. It is obvious that the Marantaceae also has a medical meaning. The plant family thanks her name to an Italian doctor, Maranti, who wrote a standard work on the medical properties of flowers and plants in the sixteenth century.

Characteristic of the Marantaceae is the decorative leaf. It is mainly the leaves that determine the attractiveness of the plant. The cultivars have very different leaf colors and markings. The colors range from silver, white-pink to various shades of green.
The main gender of the Marantaceae family is the Calathea. There are many dozens of varieties, but many species have not yet been discovered in the often impenetrable jungle. On average, fifteen varieties are grown by our supplier. The range also changes regularly.

The livingplant

The Calathea has a special feature: the leaves close when the amount of light decreases. The plant thus has a day and night rhythm, which yielded the nickname of 'living plant'. The closing of the leaves is also audible, with a rustling sound.

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