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  • Calathea crocata tass mania 5-6 flowers
  • Calathea crocata tass mania 5-6 flowers

Calathea crocata tass mania 5-6 flowers

Calathea crocata Tass Mania is a top product, we receive directly supplied by the world's largest producer of Tass Mania's, the brand stands for top quality!
Article number:
Height (incl. pot):
± 50 cm
Pot ⌀:
17 cm
Incl. tax

Calathea crocata


1. In view of the environmentally-friendly coconut, it is important that they are in 2 cm. water will be placed.
2. Do not put in direct sunlight
3. Do not put at risk
4. hold at room temperature
5. Fertilize once a month, except during the flowering season

If you obey, you have at least two months pleasure of an exclusive blooming beauty.

bloom again

After 2 to 3 months has finished the plant. The best you can the dead flowers cut out and keep good care of the plant. There will new 'shoots' (new leaves) are in the plant. If they are large enough, (+ - 10 cm), you can get flowering plants again.

First remove the old leaves of the plant. Let the steal of the blade but are, so only the blade itself. Then you put the plant in a cooler, rather dark place, such as the bedroom.

Give her ten weeks, little water, but do not let them go slack. Once a week a small amount is sufficient. After ten weeks, the plant again in bud and you will spoil her.

Put the Calathea crocata but tasty in the light (no direct sunlight), and make sure the soil stays moist. About 9 weeks later your Calathea crocata Tass Mania again beautifully in bloom.

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