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  • Brighamia Insignis (Hawaiian Palm)
  • Brighamia Insignis (Hawaiian Palm)
  • Brighamia Insignis (Hawaiian Palm)

Brighamia Insignis (Hawaiian Palm)

This special "endemic" (endemic = only occurring in a certain area) houseplant, the Brighamia Insignis or also called Hawaii-Palm is a separate appearance. In November, the plant gives small yellow flowers.
Brighamia Insignis
Article number:
Height (incl. pot):
± 35 cm
Pot ⌀:
12 cm

Brighamia insignis (Hawaiian Palm)


The care of the Brighamia Insignis is very simple, but you have to know a few things. The way of growth is like a palm tree, it makes new leaves in the head and repels the old lower leaves. These yellow and dry, you can easily break them. This creates the characteristic palm tree trunk. New leaves are formed throughout the year, but the divestment goes into stages. In highly varying conditions, the "Hawaiian Palm" repels a lot of leaves at once. No problem, it will be up again in a few weeks.

The "Hawaiian Palm" has a reverse growing season, that is, it grows in the winter and has its rest period in the summer. This is exactly the opposite of most plants that we know.


In the winter the Brighamia Insignis may be light, even on the south window. She also does well with less light. In the summer months, she must be more sheltered from the sun. Under the influence of a lot of light, she loses a lot of leaves (this really comes back). Many people "overseas" their "Hawaiian Palm" on the terrace or in the garden. Strangely enough she can do much better against the sun there. Return later than at the beginning of September.

Water and food

The trunk of the "Hawaiian Palm" is, like a cactus, a water reservoir. She can therefore survive for six weeks without water, so the ideal holiday plant! Just like a real cactus, she can not stand too much water, the trunk can rot. Watering on average once a week. First feel the earth first. If it is still damp, wait for a week. What is important is that you fertilize every month. Normal manure for green plants is fine. If you fertilize the "Hawaiian Palm" well, you will be rewarded with lots of flowers in the fall.


The optimum temperature is between 18-25 ° C. Occasionally she can tolerate very low temperatures, but beware she can not stand the frost.


The Brighamia Insignis can lose a lot of leaves due to stress. Stress conditions are the transition from winter to summer when it suddenly becomes very light, too much water, an infection of insects, but also the journey from the greenhouse, through the store, to your home. Shedding leaves is a kind of self-defense mechanism of the plant. Soon after she has lost leaves she starts to make new leaves that are adapted to the new circumstances.

The Brighamia Insignis is a separate appearance.

Goed, al zijn bepaalde planten wat moeilijk te vinden bestelde plant de brighamia zag er bij aflevering goed uit, bij andere leveranciers was deze plant bijna 50% duurder.

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