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  • Brighamia Insignis (Hawaiian Palm) in ceramics
  • Brighamia Insignis (Hawaiian Palm) in ceramics

Brighamia Insignis (Hawaiian Palm) in ceramics

This particular "endemic" (= endemic occurring only in a specific area) houseplant, the Brighamia Insignis or also called Hawaii Palm has a distinct appearance. In October gives the plant small yellow flowers.
Brighamia Insignis
Article number:
Height (incl. pot):
± 35 cm
Pot ⌀:
14 cm

Brighamia insignis (Hawaiian Palm)


The care of the "Hawaiian Palm" is very simple, but you should know a few things. The growth habit is like a palm tree, she makes new leaves in the head and knock the old lower leaves off again. This yellowing and dry; you can easily break off. This allows the characteristic palm trunk is formed. Throughout the year new leaves are formed, but shedding goes in phases. In varying working conditions punch the 'Hawaiian Palm' many leaves off simultaneously at one time. Do not worry, sit on it again within a few weeks.

The "Hawaiian Palm" has a reversed growing season, that is, it grows in the winter and in the summer, her rest period. This is exactly the reverse as most plants that we know.


In winter should the "Hawaiian palm" are light, even in the south window. She is doing also well with less light. In the summer months they should be just a little more sheltered from the sun. Under the influence of a lot of light, they lose a lot of leaf (this really comes back). Many people "over summer" their "Hawaiian Palm" on the terrace or in the garden. Strangely enough she can when much better against the sun. No later then get inside early September.

Water and food

The 'Hawaiian Palm' stem, like a cactus, a water tank. They can therefore six weeks survive without water, so the ideal holiday plant! Like a real cactus they can not stand too much water, the stem may rot. On average, once a week water. Advance in first feel the earth. If it is still wet, quietly waiting a week. What is important is that you bijmest each month. Regular fertilizer for green plants is fine. If the "Hawaiian palm" well bijmest you will be rewarded with many flowers in autumn.


The optimum temperature is between 18-25 ° C. Occasionally they can also tolerate very low temperatures but, beware, they can not stand the frost.


Because stress can lose a lot of leaf 'Hawaiian Palm'. Stress conditions, the transition from winter to summer when it is suddenly very light, too much water, damage from insects, but also the journey from the greenhouse through the shop to your home. The shedding of leaves is a kind of self-defense mechanism of the plant. Soon after new leaf lost leaf she goes again making adapted to the new circumstances.

(This text is reprinted by permission of Plant Planet website, www.plantplanet.nl )

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