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Bijzondere Orchideeën

A wide variety of orchids can be found at FloraStore. Here you will find our varied selection of exceptional Orchids such as the Howeara, Cambria, Miltonia, Bletilla straita, Spiranthus, Cypripedium, Masdevallia, Catlya, Oncidium, Zygopetalum, Brassia and Eulophia. All top quality of our regular supplier for these separate types.

The story behind special orchids

Honor of Honor: Within the Orchidaceae family, Phalaenopsis is the absolute pioneer, which made the public aware of the exotic beauty of orchids. This plant family, however, counts a lot more beautiful blooms, just as easily and certainly as charismatic. And those exclusive undiscovered treasures deserve to become more famous, just because they fit so well in the current living trend of a little mystery and above all beautiful shapes.

Origin of special orchids

Orchids are herbaceous residual plants and occur almost everywhere in the world in both warmer and cooler regions, although 85% are from tropics and subtrops. The flower of an orchid is easily distinguished from other flowers. It is made up of three sepals and three petals. The middle petal differs from shape, which is larger and is called the lip. That lip is a sort of platform for insects to easily reach the center of the flower. In the center the pollen lump is also called stamp. All orchid family plants always have the same flower arrangement.

Care tips

The biggest misunderstanding is that the orchid is difficult to take care of. She's just so easy! With some extra attention, almost all orchids bloom several times a year. And of course, the thousands of different types of orchids do not all radiate in the same care. Nevertheless, there are some general tips that most orchids get used to. The guidelines below will come to an end. Ask when buying or there are specific tips!

Orchids like:

  • A light spot
  • Room temperatures from min. 15 to max. 25 ° C
  • Feed 1x per month

Orchids do not like:

  • wet feet
  • Trip
  • Full and direct sunlight
  • The central heating or stove nearby

Tips for watering

  • An orchid likes it 1x a week for a short time
    (5-10 minutes) with the clay in the water to be immersed.
    After immersion, the water must leak out.
  • Exclusive orchids love moderate water: 1x per month.

Source (http://www.bloemenbureauholland.nl/)
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