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  • Beaucarnea (Olifantspoot) Nolina branched 90 cm
  • Beaucarnea (Olifantspoot) Nolina branched 90 cm

Beaucarnea (Olifantspoot) Nolina branched 90 cm

FloraStore has a large collection of fun and distinct Beaucarneas. Most done in ornamental pot but also larger decorative solitary specimens where you can put a beautiful jar around. Ideal for home or office.
Beaucarnea (Olifantspoot)
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Height (incl. pot):
± 80 cm
Pot ⌀:
24 cm
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Beaucarnea (Olifantspoot)


The origin of the Beaucarnea is South America and the south of the US. The Beaucarnea is from the asparagus family. In the regions of origin, the Beaucarnea can reach up to eight meters high. Because it's a slow grower, the Beaucarnea will grow at home or office less quickly, but it can still be a powerful house plant. The Beaucarnea does require space, when the leaves are sanded against a wall, there will be brown spots.

Water tax

In general, moderate watering, during the growing period which runs from March to August, is slightly more like winter. You can allow the soil to dry out before watering again. However, do not leave the roots in the water, causing root rot.

In the thickening of the trunk, water is buffered. This is why he can do without water in the winter period.


If the pot is provided (or you provide it yourself) from a substrate and a water meter, watering is easy! On arrival, there is little water, fill the pot slowly with water (sometimes wait) and you will see that the meter goes up automatically. All you have to do is keep an eye on this meter. If you go on vacation, you can fill the pot almost half full (this is what you see at the meter that will end up above its maximum) and you can rest 3 weeks away. In addition, it does not matter if the plants do not get too much and water too fast. The substrate absorbs the water, so if the water meter is underneath the substrate is still moist, but there is no water left underneath the pot. The plant still has enough space for 4 summer days.


The Beaucarnea feels at home in dry air. A single spraying procedure is used to remove dust from the leaves and is therefore recommended occasionally.


The Beaucarnea likes to be in a light spot and requires at least 3-4 hours of sunlight a day. On a south-facing window, the Beaucarnea can be placed two to three meters from the window. They plant right next to the window to the East and West. Rather not on the north side, if the Beaucarnea is too dark, new leaf will grow hard.

Minimum temperature

During the day 18 ° C

At night 10 ° C


The Beaucarnea does not need much nutrition. After purchase, the Beaucarnea can last months without food. Feeding only in spring or summer. Never give too much this can lead to burning of the roots.


A Beaucarnea does not often have to be dumped into a larger pot. If you want to polish the houseboat, do it in spring. A larger pot will stimulate growth, but the advantage is a larger buffer so that the water is spread more and there is less chance of root rot.

Bladder damage

The Beaucarnea will not soon suffer from discoloring leaves. What happens is that the lower leaves will die, they can simply be removed by pulling them off. A new sheet will be created from above.

If the room plant is too dark or gets too much water, it will not create a fresh leaf. So beware of this!


If the Elephant Paw is too big, you can choose to trim the trunk to the desired height. After pruning, the remaining strain consumes very little water, put it close to the window (as light as possible). The best thing is to seal the sawn stem with wax, because of the risk of bacterial infections.


Cats are welcome to chew on Beaucarnea sprouts. The plant is non-toxic, but the leaflet does not recover from such a snack attack.

Beaucarnea, a characteristic room tree with curly leaves

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