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  • Aglaonema Greenlight
  • Aglaonema Greenlight

Aglaonema Greenlight

The Aglaonema is a strong air purifying foliage plant with a beautiful drawing of the leaf.
Article number:
Height (incl. pot):
± 75 cm
Pot ⌀:
24 cm
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Aglaonema Green Light

Light Requirement: partial shade to shade

Origin and care

The origin of the Aglaonema is Southeast Asia and belongs to the Arum Family. The plant is found in the tropical rainforests under the dense foliage. The plant grows slowly and the shelf life of this plant is very good and also operates the air-purifying plant. The Aglaonema requires little maintenance. Make sure the roots do not remain in the water. The soil in the summer and keep slightly moist in winter the plant is allowed to dry between waterings, in this way the plant at its best. When the plant occasionally once sprayed this reduces the risk of spinning.

To keep the plant dust is wise to put the plant once per quarter in the shower. Cover the ground up so that it is not wet and rinse the leaves above and below off. This also prevents pests.

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