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  • Aeschynanthus scoubidou in kokodama hut

Aeschynanthus scoubidou in kokodama hut

The Aeschynanthus is a beautiful flowering hangover. Newly available in the kokodama hanger. Just buy online at FloraStore, of course the best!
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± 25 cm
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25 cm
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For all types of Aeschynanthus, they are of a light spot. So rather no direct sun. You can also take the Aeschynanthus to the north side. With more light, give a little more water. Make sure they get as much light as possible in winter; preferably for the window. In the spring, beware of the sun, this is very bad. The plants would rather put on another place in time.


The Aeschynanthus is pleasant between 18 ° and 25 °. In winter, the Aeschynanthus can cool down, 15 ° -16 ° is enough.

To water

In winter, water is sufficient once a week (except for the heating, then twice) and in the summer twice a week.
Caution: Lose too little water than too much!
During the bloom, the plant needs some more water. As far as mimics are concerned, the plant makes little demands. Once a year a little plant nutrition is sufficient.


If the plants grow older, it is sometimes better to potty them, preferably in a larger pot. There are few demands on the ground, so an "ordinary potting soil" suffices. Never bloom a flowering plant, wait until after bloom.


If the rankings become too long it is better to cut them back. To make a whole new start, the rankings can be cut to the edge of the pot. Note that there are always a few leaf pairs left by rank. then the plant can run out again!

The Aeschynanthus scoubidou is a beautiful full plant and ideal for home or office.

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